Anesthesiology: What to Expect

Do you have an upcoming surgical procedure that requires anesthesia? This informative video featuring Jaime Ronderos, MD, Medical Center of McKinney's Anesthesiology Medical Director, gives a brief overview of the operating room and what to expect from anesthesiology during surgery.

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be scary, and it's not unusual to be worried or concerned about anesthesia. If you have questions or concerns, make a list before seeing your doctor for your pre-op appointment. Be sure to ask all of these questions at your pre-op appointment. If you have more questions about anesthesiology after watching this video, please visit us online at Medical Center of McKinney or give us a call at 972-547-8000 to be directed to a specialist. If you need help finding a doctor, you can use our online search function, or call our toll-free Physician Referral Line, 1-855-296-6265, Monday – Friday.

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