Halloween Health and Safety Tips for Parents

Help your kids enjoy a happy and healthy Halloween this year.

Be aware of important health and safety tips this year, so that your kids make nothing but happy memories. We have some easy tips to remember as you get their costumes ready and plan for a fun night out.

Make sure costumes are safe.
Unfortunately, not every store-bought costume is safe or appropriate for kids. Avoid props that aren’t soft and flexible. Never allow your kids to carry realistic-looking weapons. Make sure costumes fit appropriately so that kids aren’t at risk of falling. Masks should have good ventilation and should not obstruct your child’s vision in any way.

Stick to artificial lighting.
As lovely and atmospheric as candlelight and bonfires can be on Halloween, open flames should be avoided. When kids are running around in the dark in costumes, the risk of fire is even greater.

Keep an eye on older kids.
Older kids may not trick-or-treat anymore, but they still need to play safe on Halloween. Don’t let your teen attend unsupervised parties. Talk about the consequences of pranks and trespassing. Never allow underage kids to drink alcohol. Help put together age-appropriate activities.

Be safe while trick-or-treating.
Traffic can be a hazard on Halloween, even in quiet neighborhoods. The CDC recommends that you arm your kids with flashlights and adhere reflective tape to their costumes. Keep them out of the road and always cross streets with an adult, using a crosswalk when available.

Monitor the candy haul.
Before your kids dig in to their candy haul, go through and remove any homemade treats or unwrapped store-bought candy. If your child has any food sensitivities or allergies, be sure to remove candies and foods that could trigger reactions.

Medical Center of McKinney is committed to keeping our community safe. You can find more tips about Halloween safety online here. For a physician referral, please call 1-855-296-6265.

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