Meet This Year’s Frist Humanitarian Award Recipients

We are proud to introduce the recipients of this year’s Frist Humanitarian Award at Medical Center of McKinney.

Medical Center of McKinney, along with other HCA-affiliated facilities, recognizes employees, volunteers and physicians annually with the Frist Humanitarian Award. The recipients of this award demonstrate extraordinary concern for the welfare and happiness of patients and their community. The Frist Humanitarian Awards are given in recognition of the humanitarian spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., a founder of HCA.

This year’s recipients include:

Frist_Jerry Sims MD

Dr. Jerry Sims
Dr. Sims joined the Medical Staff in 1965 and has served as Chief of Surgery for most of those forty-seven years providing the physician leadership necessary to develop a state of the art Department of Surgery. He has served on numerous Medical Staff Committees and has provided leadership through the years as a:

  • Medical Staff Credentialing Committee member and chairperson
  • Medical Staff Executive Committee member and chairperson
  • President of the Medical Staff
  • Chief of Staff
  • Board of Trustees member
  • Quality Council member
  • Physician Advisor for Case Management

His leadership helped to attract top notch physicians to Medical Center of McKinney and he helps set the example for the values demonstrated each day by our physicians and our staff. Dr. Sims is known throughout our community for his extraordinary compassion, accountability, respectful communication skills, commitment to excellence and dedication to service.

Frist_Lonnette Smith

Lonnette Smith, LVN 
Lonnette joined our staff in 1999 and is a dedicated member of our nursery staff. Lonnette is known for taking the extra time with new parents to help them feel more comfortable and gain confidence in caring for their new baby. This extra time may be teaching them how to diaper the baby, or how to wrap the baby securely in the blanket, or kindly teaching and encouraging a new mother struggling with breastfeeding her newborn. Not only is she encouraging, she has a wealth of knowledge that she is able to share with each new mom in the way that they will understand and accept.

Lonnette has been a strong support with the MCM bereavement group and participated in the “walk of remembrance” offering words of comfort during the sorrow of others while suffering her own loss. She has a gift of compassion that cannot be measured.

Her co-workers say that Lonnette always goes the extra mile for the newborns and their parents, and she also always goes the extra mile for her co-workers.  She is there to pitch in and help carry the load with a smile on her face, an uplifting word, and a supportive hug.  Her co-workers call her a “friend”.

Beyond her work, Lonnette is enrolled in classes in pursuit of her goal to become a Registered Nurse and finds time to volunteer regularly at her son’s school. She is a person with deeply ingrained humanitarian qualities whether at work, at home or in the community.

Frist_Rick Vollmuth
Rick Vollmuth
Rick is a valued volunteer at Medical Center of McKinney. After retiring from his position as the Vice President of Human Resources for the Sierra Vista District Hospital in Porterville, California, Rick moved to Fairview, Texas and joined the Volunteer Auxiliary in 2008. He has since logged over 1,900 volunteer hours.Rick is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Emergency Department and in that role he ensures that all volunteer shifts for the department are staffed. He personally works 16 hours a week as a volunteer in the department and trains all of the volunteers in the department. In fact, Rick has utilized his experience in Human Resources to develop a training program for the Emergency Department volunteers that includes a training syllabus and a competency checklist.

During his time at Medical Center of McKinney, Rick has developed a system where he (and the other ED volunteers) scan supplies and organize them on a cart that is moved from room to room to stock the treatment rooms. This saves time for the staff and insures proper scanning that results in a cost savings for the hospital.

Rick is well-known for his outstanding customer service. He seems to know when a patient is cold and needs a warm blanket, or when a child is restless and scared and needs a coloring book and crayons or the cartoon channel on the television.

We are very grateful for Rick’s many years of experience as a professional in the healthcare industry and the voluntary effort he has invested in the hospital and his local community.

Congratulations to all of our Frist Humanitarian Award Recipients!

For more information about Medical Center of McKinney, please visit us online or call 1-855-296-6265 for a physician referral.

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