Hand Conditions Part 4: How Can a Ganglion Cyst Be Treated?

Learn more about ganglion cysts and your treatment options.

Today's post is the fourth in a series that shares information from a recent H2U seminar lead by Naveen Setty, MD. Participants learned about a number of hand conditions and their treatment options. Today, we are sharing Dr. Setty's insight on ganglion cysts and how they can be treated.

What is a ganglion cyst?
A ganglion cyst is a build up of the fluid found around the joints in the hand. The cyst presents as a large bump in the middle of the wrist or at a finger joint. It usually results from repeated stress to the wrist or hand. These cysts can cause pain from the fluid pressure. It may seem unsightly but is not usually cause for alarm. However, it is always recommended to have a cyst like this evaluated to be sure the swelling is not due to an injury or another cause.

How is a ganglion cyst treated?
Sometimes, a ganglion cyst will resolve on its own. Frequent use can increase the size of the cyst so your doctor may prescribe a brace to limit movement. If it is continues to cause discomfort or affects hand movement, your doctor may try to aspirate the cyst with an needle. It is important to note that the cyst can return 50% of the time and some cysts do not respond to this treatment at all. If the cyst is persistent, outpatient surgery may be recommended to remove the cyst and its root. 

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