Quick Ways to Make Your Salad Great

Take your salad from lackluster to amazing with these yummy additions.

Rabbit food.

A tasteless pile of leaves. 

Do those descriptions sound familiar? Never again does your salad have to be a prison sentence instead of a delicious meal. Salads are a great way to get one or two of the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables you should be eating each day. 

Convert your lifeless and boring leaves with these tasty additions:

  • Add a healthy crunch – Toss in walnuts, almonds or pecans instead of calorie-heavy croutons.
  • Go greener – A delicious salad contains more than iceberg lettuce. Iceberg is mostly water content and lacks the nutritional value that other leaves offer. Try adding spinach, romaine, or arugula.
  • Bean there, done that – Add some substance to your salad with legumes. Another source of fiber, black beans and other bean family members also add protein to your salad.
  • Balance with sweetness – Tomatoes add color and sweetness to your bed of leaves. You could also add dehydrated fruits like cranberries for a pop of sweet flavor.
  • Slice up some avocado – Although avocados contain fat, it's good monounsaturated fat your body needs in moderation.
  • Make your own vinaigrette – Cut calories and fat with a home made salad dressing. The best part is your can add spices that satisfy your taste buds.

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