10 Noteworthy Facts About The Flu

It's arrived – flu season is knocking on your door.

It's that time of the year again. You're suspicious of every cough, sneeze, and tickle of the throat – is the flu moving in, ready to knock you off your feet for the next week? The flu is inconvenient, painfully uncomfortable, and even dangerous in some situations. Do you have all the right information? Get in the know when you review these ten facts.

  1. Flu season may be longer than you think. It begins in October and stretches until May.
  2. The flu changes every year. This is why you need a new flu shot every year – the concoction is always changing.
  3. The flu is different from a cold. A cold usually involves a low-grade fever and symptoms that stay in the head. The flu comes with a high fever and aches throughout the entire body.
  4. The flu shot is safe for most people. Unless you have an egg allergy or certain medical conditions, the shot is recommended for you. Talk to your doctor for more information.
  5. A flu shot is the most effective prevention available. If you want to skip the flu this season, the vaccine is your best bet.
  6. A flu shot is not 100 percent effective. But even if you still get the flu, your symptoms will most likely be very mild, and your recovery time will be quicker.
  7. A nasal spray is also available. If you have a fear of needles, look into this painless alternative.
  8. Other prevention methods can supplement immunization. Wash your hands often and steer clear of those exhibiting symptoms
  9. Flu patients are contagious for a week or longer. They are contagious even before symptoms arise, and they remain contagious five to seven days after they fall ill.
  10. The severity of the flu can vary. While most healthy patients recover from the flu just fine, those with weakened immune systems may have longer lasting consequences.

The best prevention strategy against influenza is getting a flu shot every year. Have you made your appointment yet? If you need a physician referral, give us a call at 1-855-296-6265.

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