Healthy Recipes for your New Year’s Eve Party

Ring in the New Year with a wide selection of healthy party foods!

Holiday season has almost come to a close, and you only have one more event to get through without cheating on you diet: your New Year's Eve party. Are you ready to enjoy yourself – without widening that waist line? These recipes will delight your taste buds without shoveling on the guilt.

Spinach-and-Brie-Topped Artichoke Hearts: Looking for something low-carb and nutrient rich? This is the appetizer for you! You'll get plenty of vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron from the spinach, along with a filling layer of cheese, and no simple carbohydrates to slow you down!

White Bean Horseradish Spread: If you're avoiding the typical party dips that are filled with fats and sodium, this is the perfect solution for your veggies that need a little oomph. It's got plenty of flavor, without any of those unhealthy culprits usually found in French onion dip or ranch dressing.

Pomegranate Cosmos: Even drinking in moderation can pile on a lot of extra calories if you aren't careful. This beverage will give you a little buzz without leaving you bloated and regretful in the morning.

Glitter Grapes: You can never have too much sparkle on New Year's Eve! This healthy dessert is decorative, tasty, low in calories, and filled with antioxidants.

You can browse through more healthy recipes to enjoy at our online library.

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